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Scientists Terrifying New Discovery In Africa That Changes Everything!

Here’s the map of Africa. Africa makes up nearly one-fifth of the planet’s land
area and is the second-largest continent after Asia. The Atlantic Ocean
borders the continent on the west, the Mediterranean Sea on the north, the
Red Sea and the Indian Ocean on the east, and the waters of the Atlantic and
Indian seas on the south.
Africa is the oldest inhabited continent on Earth, earning it the moniker
“Mother Continent.” Africa has been home to humans and their ancestors for
more than 5 million years.
From sand-covered deserts to lush rain forests, Africa is home to a wide
variety of habitats. A huge amount of the world’s mineral resources,
including some of the largest stocks of fossil fuels, metallic ores, jewels, and
precious metals, are found in Africa.
A wide variety of biological resources, such as the very lush equatorial
rainforests of Central Africa and the famous wildlife populations of the
eastern and southern regions of the continent, complement this wealth.
This part of the world is home to some terrifying discoveries as well.
Join us as we explore terrifying new discoveries in Africa that change

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